Oils and fats – Refined in a sophisticated way

Nutriswiss is the leading national fat processor and modifier in the sector for speciality and organic products. The company's flexibility, specialisation, quality and consistent customer focus have made Nutriswiss a sought-after partner on the international market as well.

Plant and animal raw materials

Nutriswiss uses plant and animal raw materials to manufacture a wide range of fats with specific properties for the food and restaurant industries, the retail trade and pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies.

Exclusive products account for slightly more than half of the product range. These products were developed specifically for Nutriswiss customers and are precisely tailored to their production and technical processing requirements.

In addition to supplying these customised products, Nutriswiss is able to manufacture small batches of products (ranging from 500 kg to 2500 kg) for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Baby food

Only the best for our dearest little ones!

With our high-tech systems, we offer even greater hygiene and food safety.

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The perfect melting point!

Swiss chocolate owes its delicate melting properties to tailored fat components.

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Baked goods

Making sweet dreams come true!

Immerse yourself in the world of shortening and margarines for baking!

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Nutraceuticals & Pharma

For a great look and feeling of well-being!

Our highly developed technology guarantees perfectly clean production components.

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Food Service

By professionals, for professionals!

Our top products that make any caterer's heart flutter.

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Home cooking

No burning!

For perfect results in the kitchen.

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Online Magazine

Palm oil alternatives

Replacing palm oil.

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