Palm oil alternatives

Substitutes for palm oil

Replacing palm oil and palm oil fractions in confectionery, bakery products (especially puff pastry), spreads, marinade oils or popular nut nougat creams is a demanding task. In addition to pure rapeseed oil, completely hardened rapeseed oil and, if necessary, additional coconut fat must be used. Modern processes saturate almost all unsaturated fatty acids and the trans fatty acid content drops below 1%. There are alternatives for palm oil. We offer them and our customers use them. Perhaps the greatest challenge is getting chocolate to melt properly. We often work with a combination of cocoa butter and other oils, but this is sometimes only cost-effective with branded products.

What are some sustainable alternatives to palm oil?

It works without palm oil! The chocolate industry (chocolate, fillings, couvertures) is also looking for alternatives to palm oil. We can offer these to our customers. The challenge is to achieve confectionery products with good cocoa butter compatibility, as well as melting and crystallisation properties. For the palm-free alternatives, we use different modification processes and sophisticated combinations of seed oils, cocoa butter and also lauric fats, if required. 

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