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The global demand for food supplements such as high-quality omega-3 from plant, fish and algae oil sources is growing steadily.

We advocate pure products and are the market leader in the careful processing of oils at low temperatures.

Our processes and procedures are subject to constant optimisation and validation. As a contracted processor, we also offer our experience of refining even difficult oils and reducing or in fact eliminating even stubborn contamination internationally. With the highest degree of purity, very good oxidation stability and completely neutral sensory characteristics, we are also able to satisfy our customers in the pharmaceutical sector.

We have invested in complementary technologies to meet the most exacting quality requirements. Since early summer 2020, we have been offering the short path distillation system. This is used if the product needs to meet particularly strict requirements or is contaminated to such an extent that it cannot be used. The short process time means that the thermal load remains low, and process contaminants such as trans fatty acids and chlorinated fatty acid esters (3-MCPD) cannot form.

Carefully controlled and selected raw material sourcing

The highest quality from raw material to end product is important to us. Our expertise in the purchase of raw materials and carefully controlled and selected raw material sourcing are essential. When sourcing our own raw materials, we rely on selected, long-term cooperation with producers and suppliers of raw materials and market-leading logistics with tracking right to the origin.

Our most important products in this segment include oils rich in omega-3, such as algae and fish oils with a high DHA content and unrivalled, neutral sensory characteristics.


Our modification technologies, flexibility and diversity in oils and fats also make us an ideal partner for the cosmetics industry. With our expertise and our own development and technical laboratory, we provide support to our customers in new projects. As such, we have the right solution for every customer.


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